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1.  Turn off lights when not needed or install and use occupancy sensors to turn lights off automatically if you forget

2.  Install and use dimmers with lighting.

3.  Upgrade old inefficient lamps to efficient type (LED or fluorescent).

4.  Unplug phone and other chargers when not in use.

5.  Set thermostat 3 to 5 degrees higher in hot weather and 3 to 5 degrees lower in cold weather than what you are used to.

6.  If conditions permit use ceiling fans instead of air conditioner.

More ways to save here.


A good quality, knowledgeable electrician (or any trades person for this matter) that does a clean, code compliant job, and does it on time is not going to be cheap.  The prices we quote may seem beyond reason but be assured (even though we like to) we are not trying to become overnight millionaires.  The cost of running a business when you factor in labor, supplies, insurance, travel, tools, bonding, licensing, and permits does add up rather quickly.

Check the DIY section to see if you can fix a problem before requesting electrical service.  After all you do not want to pay $ 175.00 for a bulb that would have cost you $ 4.00 and only 5 minutes to replace.

Before hiring an electrician do your research.  Follow these guidelines to have a trouble free hiring process and a job well done.

1.  Get multiple bids (at least 3) from different electricians.  The scope of work should be the same and there should not be large difference in prices.

   Reasonable:  Bid 1 = $ 1,024.00, Bid 2 = $ 1,152.00, Bid 3 = $ 1,177.00
   Red Flag:  Bid 1 = $ 1,024.00, Bid 2 = 350.00, Bid 3 = $ 1,177.00

2.  If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.  Either look for somebody else now to get the job done right or you will be looking for somebody else later to do the job right and pay more than twice than what the job should have originally cost.

3.  Ask recommendations from family or friends.

4.  State and local agencies regulate electricians.  Check with them if an electrician is in good standing and has the necessary bonding in case things do not go well.

5.  Read online reviews about the electricians that you are considering.

6.  For large projects ask the electrician to obtain permit(s) and provide you a copy.  Also ask them to provide final inspection copy before giving them final payment.


To save time, money, and ensure job gets done consider these these guidelines.

1.  The electrician is going to have a few questions so be prepared to provide as much detail as possible.

   What is the nature of the problem?
   When did the problem occur?
   Did the problem occur once, few times, or is constant?
   Is it intermittent?
   Did any events cause the problem?
   Does it happen in a predetermined fashion or is it unpredictable?

2.  Be accurate with details that are based on facts.  Do not give information based on assumption.  If you are not sure of something, say so.

3.  Ensure that the electrician has adequate access to electrical devices, panels, outlets, switches, fixtures that may need to be looked at.  Expect to pay for the electrician's travel even though they are unable to fix a problem because they could not access a panel that was behind a loaded china cabinet which was bolted to the wall.

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